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There are all types of photography, I specialize in: Portraits, including corporate headshots, groups, and families, Commercial photography, which encompasses a variety of disciplines, including architecture, manufacturing, real estate, lifestyle, food, and the arts. And Fashion which is a little bit of portraiture and commercial lifestyle mixed with an artsy design aesthetic.

Having photos that tell your unique story can elevate your brand and marketing. A photo can help you authentically communicate your narrative and rise up among a sea of voices.

Moving pictures, talking heads, a high shot from a drone, or a low shot from an action camera; all of these can communicate your story, position your brand, and drive your marketing. Never underestimate the power of a business owner being real about their company, or folks telling stories about how your organization has helped them.

A website is a marketing tool that pulls together the photos, videos, and words that tell your story. It helps others learn about you and gives them a way to connect. Yet, it should be more than what a fast-food drive-thru offers. Done well, a website should be more than a small window into your organization. Instead, it should be a mirror that reflects your passion, enthusiasm, and reason for doing what you do every day.


After the photos, videos, and website are finished you should get your story out. While marketing is more art than science, one of the best ways to find an audience is on social media. The key to good social media marketing is consistency. But that can be daunting when you’re also trying to steer the ship. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast.” I help organizations with on-brand, authentic, collateral that helps communicate keep them consistently in front of their audience.

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Caseworx, Inc. is a commercial cabinet manufacturer in Redlands, Calfornia. They build commercial cabinet solutions for a variety of industries including high-rise condos, hospitals, and schools. I spent two days at their offices and factory capturing photos and video of all that they do. Once the photos were finished and the videos edited I redesigned their site and put it all together.

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